Friday, November 2, 2007


Friday is an opportunity which has no equal in the entire week. Every moment of this day is precious. Every good action therein is multiplied, for the treasure of Almighty Allah can never be exhausted. Let us therefore appreciate this blessing and engage in the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah to which the Holy Qur’an emphatically invites us. It employs the expression "fas'aw ila dhikrillah" (then struggle toward the remembrance of Allah). One of the subtle interpretations of the verse, “O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know.(62:9)” is that ‘to leave business’ not only refers to physical transactions but also spiritual transactions, when the human being prays in anticipation of reward from Allah. In the words of Imam ‘Ali (‘a), “I did not worship you in fear of your Hell Fire, nor in anticipation of Your reward, but found You worthy of worship, and thus did I worship You”. Hence, let us indulge ourselves in the remembrance of the Absolutely Beautiful Beloved “for Him” and not “for food, clothes, amenities of life, Hereafter reward, etc.” This is a key for every kind of remembrance of Allah. It should however be known that if there is true remembrance of Allah in prayer then a practical transformation would follow; otherwise, it would be nothing but the “movement of the tongue and the limbs”. We pray to Almighty Allah to enable us take the right steps in life.

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