Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Consider not “who” said it, but rather “what” is being said. This is one of the brilliant dictums of Imam ‘Ali (‘a)- the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Despite its brevity in encapsulates the key to access the vast treasures of knowledge. It literally unlocks the prejudice of so many people, and emancipates them from the dungeon of partial judgment.


At the moment my ears are embraced by the sound of abundant rain in the Island of Mombasa. Rain is a manifestation of the All-Embracing Mercy of the Only Beloved. Despite the mischief and disbelief of so many of His creation, the All-Beloved constantly embraces them with His Mercy. So long as the arrogant disbelievers subsist in this macrocosm, the All-Merciful perpetually hugs them this way, thus availing them the opportunity to wake up. Is there any one to wake up?

Monday, October 29, 2007


So long as we lurk in the darkness of oblivion, Divine Oneness would always be misconstrued. It needs self-effacement to Realize Oneness. Hence we are advised to "die before we die"; in other words, we are told: "strip off the illusory veils from your hearts to behold the Only Beloved Who WAS while nothing was with Him and IS NOW as He WAS.


If you would like the vestibules of comprehension that God has bestowed you with, to develop, the key to its door is: "Use every vestibule (eyes, ears, etc.) for the purpose it was given." This is a guarantee!!! (Holy Qur'an, 14:7). Observe that there are people who even at the age of 80s and 90s or above that, have a powerful mind. How? By luck? O O, "luck" in the crux of its meaning is a non-entity. The answer is: "Struggle and right usage!!!!"


If one is able to control his passion, anger, and imagination, by the bridle of his intellect and direct them for his physical and spiritual advantage, one would always be the most prosperous. All the selfish wars, mischief, disturbances, etc. caused by people return to the mismanagement and disequilibrium of these faculties. This is a word which serves as a principle for those who have minds to reflect!!!


"The bravest is one who can control his anger." This is one of the beautiful dictums of a great man whose name is "Loftiness". If we reflect a little on it, we would come to realize how powerful a statement it is. Usually bravery is established in front of an outer enemy. What if the enemy would like to attack from within? This is when it becomes most challenging!! If the attacker is human anger, and we are able to arrest and render it subservient, we would have practically established our bravery and courageousness. This is because the enemy is right inside "us"!!!!