Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Memorable Encounter in Makka

In one of my journeys to Makka al-Mukarrama for hajj, I and a noble companion happen to visit the late martyr Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim. I can still visualize those moments. He had a sparkling face that had so much to narrate. We sought some advise from him, and the great scholar informed us of a brilliant interpretation of the tradition ‘Min tamaam al-Hajj liqaa al-Imam’ [The completion of hajj is in meeting the Imam]. One of the possible interpretations of the tradition is that the pilgrims who come to perform hajj must know the proper way of undertaking the ritual in its different dimensions. Therefore they should approach the leader (Imam) who has a good understanding of the same. And the leader(s) of the contemporary era [who represent the Imam of the time] are the Muslim scholars, who should be approached [and their advise sought]. I felt enlightened. Indeed in order for one to derive utmost benefit from hajj, he should go to the different places of the ‘ulama in Makka, who are well-grounded in the laws and secrets of hajj.

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  1. salamun alaikum
    we read your article and found it very enlightening. may Allah help you in your endeavour of spreading knowledge.
    Muhammadhasnain Khatau &
    Imranali Khaki