Friday, August 28, 2009

Sinners are Most Welcome

Six days of the Holy Month of Ramadhan have elapsed like a flash of light. Have we begun our self-purification or has the habit of procrastination overwhelmed us? Twelve days are left to embrace or be embraced by the mercy of the nights of Qadr. Have we thought of transformation, change, and emancipation? Or has despair overcome us, and we have no hope to turn to the All-Forgiving? Some traditions serve as sparks that penetrate into the heart so deep, that they shake the human being and transform him completely. Perhaps the following sacred tradition (hadith qudsi) can serve as such a spark and enlighten our beings forever: Once Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) called upon His Lord in Mount Sinai, “O God of the worlds!” And Allah responded, “Labbayk (Here I am)”. Musa continued and called, “O God of the obedient ones!” And Allah responded, “Labbayk (Here I am)”. Then Musa said, “O God of the sinners!” Upon this Allah said: “Labbayk, Labbayk, Labbayk!” So Musa asked Allah, “O God, what is the wisdom behind responding to me only once when I called You with the best of Your names, and thrice when I said “O God of the sinners?” Allah said: “O Musa, surely the knowing ones rely on their recognition, the virtuous upon their virtue, and the obedient upon their obedience. But the sinful have none save Me. So if they despair from Me, with whom can they take refuge?”

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  1. Salaamun alaykum

    Ahsant ya Sheikhna. Subhanallah, I really needed to read that. May Allah reward you, and may He accept your amaal for His sake.